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All in one Dispatcher Training Course

Find out how to build a successful truck dispatching business that earns six figures, even if you’re starting from scratch, with our easy-to-follow training course. Get ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level and create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.






Weekly Live Lessons

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Truck Dispatcher Training Program

Start on your journey to becoming a skilled truck dispatcher with our comprehensive training program. Get ready to explore the world of efficient logistics and dispatch operations. Start learning today and pave the way for a successful career in truck dispatching!


Customer-Centric Assurance:

We prioritize your learning experience and success, ensuring you’re confident in your investment.

Customer-Centric Assurance:

Quality Commitment:

Our dispatch training program is backed by a commitment to excellence. Emphasizing our dedication to your success.

Performance Assurance:

Our dispatch training program guarantees enhanced skills and operational excellence.

Customer-Centric Assurance

Risk-Free Investment:

Your investment is risk-free. If our dispatch training doesn’t meet your expectations, we offer a full refund.
Quality Commitment

Things we cover in our Dispatch Training Course:

Courier Delivery Operations

BOSS Trucking Course

Safe Handling Large Vehicles

Truck Dispatcher and Freight

Stocking Inventory Management

Understanding the Inner Workings and Strategies of This Course.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity.

For Small Trucking Companies

Empowering Owner-Operators

Start Learning Today with Confidence

Starting a new business can feel intimidating, but learning about it shouldn’t be! We’re confident our training will give you valuable knowledge. If you’re not happy with our course, just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund your money – guaranteed!

Questions & Concerns

Our platform offers the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed, but ultimately it's up to you to take action!

The basic requirements are as follows:
  1. Education: High school or higher.
  2. Language skills: You should be able to speak, write, and read proficiently in English (French & Spanish can be an advantage).
  3. Computer skills: Familiar with the computer, be able use multiple programs at once, sign documents through the computer, answering emails and be able to communicate effectively through email. etc. You will not need to code a program, but you will work with your computer everyday.
  4. Personal skills: Must have great communication skills while maintaining professionalism for both your trucks and your own company. Should be an organized and punctual person. Must be able to quickly adapt to any situations or market changes.

Dispatchers play a crucial role in the transportation industry by coordinating the movement of goods, managing schedules, and communicating with drivers, shippers, and receivers.

Our dispatch training course will cover all aspects of the trucking industry along with their respective characteristics, regulations, and best practices. There are other transportation modes as well, but to ensure comprehensive understanding and your detailed and hands on experience, we shall focus on all aspects of a cradle to grave process for a Trucking Dispatch Service, including Business Development, Load Searching, Forecasting, Reporting, Calculations, Broker interactions, Driver Handling, Route Planning and Optimization, necessary Communication Skills, Problem-solving and Decision-making, and many more.

Depending what direction you choose to go professionally (meaning if you work for a larger dispatching company, dispatch your own trucks, or offer your own dispatch services) of course you can work from home, or in a traditional office setting. Being your own boss means you can work from wherever you want! All you need is your computer, Wi-Fi, phone! (of course for at home office set-up we recommend double monitor's)

Yes, you can if you know the basics and understand the American market (provided in our training course). Around 80% of truck dispatching is outsourced.

For an independent dispatcher, you have the power to determine your rate based on industry standards of 4-10% of the gross, or you can charge per truck at a flat rate of $200-$400 per week. Take charge of your earnings and demand what you deserve!

Completing our dispatch training course provides individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage multiple trucks. While at the entry-level, you would be able to handle a smaller number of trucks, but as you gain further experience you will be able to handle more trucks or oversee larger transportation operations. The truck handling capacity can vary widely based on the size and scope of the company or operation, with some solo dispatchers managing just a handful of trucks (3-5) and others managing more trucks (8-10).

To grasp the fundamentals of dispatching and make your first calls, you should dedicate yourself to intensive studies for at least 1 month (duration of our training course). Once you've entered the field, you must work diligently to hone your skills and expand your market knowledge.

You can surely start your own firm right off the bat, as our training is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the business and all the required skills. There surely are a few prerequisites before making your first call, which we could help you align. A few essentials would be:
  1. Registering your Business
  2. Signing up to a Data Management Tool (provided to you by us, using Loads Runner LLC - DMS)
  3. Having a working US phone line
  4. Load board Subscriptions
  5. E-signature platform
  6. Payment Processing Solution (provided to you by us, using Loads Runner LLC - DMS)

Loads Runner LLC - DMS is a software where you can track your and your teams updates on a single screen. They also have a streamlined, hassle-free payment solution in place, where the payment automatically lands in your linked Bank Account for you to withdraw as per your need basis.

Our courses are conducted live via Google Meets. We do not utilize pre-recorded classes.

Our fresh classes start on the 1st day of every month, except in the case of a public or gazette holidays. You can also confirm the exact days and timings of our upcoming sessions, enrollment, payment process and any other queries by reaching out to us through the Contact Us page on our website.

To work as a solo-dispatcher or in a company setting, you will need the following essentials:
  1. Uninterrupted power supply (Or with a backup)
  2. A fast internet service (Fiber optic, up to 30Mbps recommended)
  3. A reliable computer system (Dual screens recommended)
  4. A good Headset (USB & voice cancellation recommended)
  5. A quiet home/office setting