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Payment Posting

Getting Payments

Healthcare providers get paid by insurance, government, and patients for their services.


Checking the Source

They ensure they track the source of funds, such as the specific insurance company or patient.


Checks and Paperwork

We receive checks with documents explaining payment calculations and any modifications made.


Electronic Payments

Frequently, payments are directly deposited into their bank account without physical checks.


Putting Money in the Right Place

We ensure funds go to the correct patient account, matching it with the services received.


Fixing Mistakes and Denials

We address errors or uncovered expenses by insurance, updating the records accordingly.


Calculating What Patients Owe

For patient responsibilities like copays or deductibles, they calculate the amount and send a bill accordingly.


Updating Records

They diligently record all payments, meticulously ensuring alignment with the bills they have issued.


Questions & Concerns

Patients and their families often have questions and concerns about their healthcare. Handling these well is important:

Why is Payment Posting crucial?

It ensures accurate tracking of payments, maintaining financial transparency for healthcare providers.

Does Payment Posting streamline billing?

Updating accounts efficiently & minimizing errors, it contributes to a smoother, more accurate billing process.

What payments are typically posted?

Payments from insurance, co-pays, deductibles, & direct patient payments are routinely recorded in the system.

What challenges does it address?

Like resolving discrepancies and ensuring timely reimbursement for healthcare services.

Does Payment Posting optimize revenue?

By facilitating prompt and accurate recording, it supports faster revenue recognition, contributing to overall revenue.

What is Payment Posting in medical billing?

It involves recording and reconciling received payments in the medical billing system.

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