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Patient Registration

Patient Registration​

Booking Appointment

Patients or their healthcare providers can schedule appointments via phone, online, or in person.


Getting Patient Info

The scheduler gathers patient information, including name, contact details, birthdate, and the reason for their appointment.


Checking Doctor Availability

The scheduler uses computer software to determine the doctor's availability according to the patient's requirements.


Confirming Appointment

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Writing It Down

Appointment details, including the purpose of the visit and insurance information, are recorded in the patient's electronic file.


Future Appointments

They may schedule additional appointments for the patient in advance if necessary.


Questions & Concerns

Patients and their families often have questions and concerns about their healthcare. Handling these well is important:

How Patients Ask?

Patients can inquire in person, by phone, email, through patient portals, or on social media.

Knowledge and Training

Staff answering questions must be knowledgeable in healthcare and provide accurate, quality responses.

Quick Answers

Fast answers are essential for urgent matters like medication dosage or post-surgery care, while some questions may take longer to resolve.

Keeping Things Private

To protect patient information, staff must adhere to privacy rules and refrain from sharing it with unauthorized individuals.

Writing It Down

Record questions and answers for easy reference and consistency in patient information.

When It's Tricky

When faced with difficult questions, have a plan in place to reach out to the right people for help.

Teaching Patients

Staff can use these talks not only to answer questions but also to educate patients about their health and self-care.

Getting Better

Patient feedback improves hospital performance and enhances patient satisfaction to make them happier.

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